Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 70.HI

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Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 70.HI

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This window combines efficient solutions for a wide variety of functional, architectural and design requirements, in a single system: a high level of thermal insulation, narrow viewing angles and attractive (as well as hidden) contours, classic or integrated manual equipment for windows With opening inwards and outwards.


· Uf value of 1.6 W / (m²K) with a face width of 117 mm.

· Wide range of profiles, including 3 design lines: Residential Line, Soft Line and Steel Contour.

· Anti-theft resistance tested up to RC 3.

· Increasing the distance of the handle to 28 mm due to the installation of a gear with holes for milling (optional).

Technical information:

· System / Material: Aluminum

· Energy: High thermal insulation

· Design: Block system

· Functions: Increased safety / Decentralized ventilation

· Basic Depth: 70 mm.

· Minimum face width: 91 mm.

· Uf value (> =): 1.50

· Maximum width of glass: 62 mm.

· Type of opening: Interior and exterior.

· Soundproofing Test [dB]: 48

· Air permeability: Class 4

· Sealing: 9A

· Wind load: C5 / B5

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colors


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Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 70.HI

Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 70.HI

Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 70.HI