Aluminum Practicable window - Cital

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Aluminum Practicable window - Cital

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Beyond aesthetics in line with architectural trends, Cital's 40 mm module windows protect against external aggression (water, wind, noise) for optimum comfort. It is defined as the ideal system for exterior carpentry in warm climates.


· Straight or curved joints, for single or double glazing, from 3 to 27 mm.

· Aluminum masses reduced for optimum transparency, so that the sheet / frame is 76 mm and the central flap (with 2 blades) is 97 mm.

· There is the option to incorporate 1 or 2 sheets, as well as make window or balcony.

· The handle accessories are in stainless steel and aluminum in line with the expected standards.

· Additional locking points for reinforced security in windows and balconies.

· As a principle of watertightness, EPDM seals are used against weathering and aging, as well as external drainage secured by baffles.

Technical information:

· Air permeability: up to 600 Pa (Class 4).

· Watertightness: Up to 900 Pa (Class 9A).

· Wind resistance: Up to 2000 Pa (Class 5).

· Acoustic permeability: Rw (C, Ctr) = 35 dB (-1; -2) with glazing 33/2 (12) 33/2, values ​​calculated according to European standard).


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Aluminum Practicable window - Cital

Aluminum Practicable window - Cital

Aluminum Practicable window - Cital