Aluminum sliding window - Cital GL

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Aluminum sliding window - Cital GL

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The CITAL range of slides, with a 70 mm module, protects against external aggressions such as water, wind and noise, for optimum comfort. It is oriented to all types of works, both residential and commercial. However, it is defined as the ideal system for exterior carpentry in warm climates.


· It is sought to reduce considerably the visibility of aluminum, with the vertical profiles being 76 mm. (On the sides) and 41 mm. (In the central profile) viewed from the front.

· Technal closures with invisible attachments and up to 6 blades for maximum opening of the gap.

· Glazing made by EPDM joints, resistant to weather and aging, thus maintaining its elasticity.

· Anti-lever safety of the leaves by the use of lateral and central guides as well as by the inverted enclosure.

· Polyamide and stainless steel wheels with needle bearing, replaceable without disassembling the blade. The bearings can be simple and double for windows of 50 and 120 kg.

Technical information:

· Air permeability: up to 600 Pa (Class 4).

· Watertightness: up to 300 Pa (Class 7A).

· Wind resistance: up to 2000 Pa (Class 5).

· Acoustic performances: Rw (C, Ctr) = 27 dB (-1; -2) with 4/10/4 glazing.

· Leaf profiles for single glazing between 4 and 6 mm.

· Leaf profiles for double glazing between 6, 9 and 18 mm.

· Frames of 2 rails (70 mm) for 2-3-4 sheets.

· Frames of 3 rails (106 mm) for 3 or 6 sheets.


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Aluminum sliding window - Cital GL

Aluminum sliding window - Cital GL

Aluminum sliding window - Cital GL