Aluminum sliding window - ASS 77 PD.SI

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Aluminum sliding window - ASS 77 PD.SI

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It is based on profiles made of extruded plastic and reinforced by glass fiber and thanks to a material and coating technology of the latest generation, offers excellent thermal insulation from Uw = 0.84 W / (m²K).


· Thermal insulation: from Uw = 0,84 W / (m²K) (Optimum thermal insulation for maximum comfort).

· Floor-to-ceiling glazing to achieve the highest level of transparency and maximum light penetration.

· External control panel with sensors and push buttons: quick and quiet opening and closing, quiet and safe at the touch of a button.

· Additional safety sensors to ensure greater protection and maximum comfort (depending on requirements).

· Manual emergency release in the event of a power failure.

· The rollers can be replaced without dismantling the moving sheet: saving money in favor of the product's useful life.

· Intelligently integrated drive: the maintenance and care of the motors in the outer frame is possible at any time.

Technical information:

· System / Material: Aluminum

· Energy: Thermally insulated

· Opening: Sliding Window-Lift

· Uf value (> =): 1.20

· Maximum width of glass: 60 mm.

· Width: 3200 mm.

· Height: 3500 mm.

· Basic depth: 30 mm.

· Weight of the leaf: 500 Kg.

· Anti-theft test: RC2

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colors

· Ideal for: Window / Door / Greenhouse


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Aluminum sliding window - ASS 77 PD.SI

Aluminum sliding window - ASS 77 PD.SI

Aluminum sliding window - ASS 77 PD.SI