PVC Practicable Window - Alu Inside

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PVC Practicable Window - Alu Inside

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The Schüco Alu Inside PVC system with 3 levels of insulation and a proprietary technology in the aluminum laminate is based on a construction with 7 cameras. With this highly thermally insulated system, and thanks to an economical industrial manufacturing, windows of low daily energy needs can be executed with narrow widths of face but with the highest standards.


· Frame without steel and foam insulation.

· Profile of 7 cameras with optimized camera geometry and a frame depth of 82 mm for maximum thermal insulation.

· Uw value up to 0,66 W / m²K.

· High volume cameras for the insertion of additional prefabricated insulation.

· Triple glazing with possibility of glass thickness up to 52 mm.

· Increased depth of construction for added safety and anti-theft resistance.

· Narrow widths of 120 mm to ensure maximum light input.


Technical information:

· System / Material: PVC

· Energy: Passivhaus level / High thermal insulation

· Design: Classic

· Functions: Increased security

· Basic Depth: 82 mm.

· Minimum face width: 120 mm.

· Uf value (> =): 0.74

· Maximum width of glass: 52 mm.

· Type of opening: Interior.

· Soundproofing Test [dB]: 46

· Air permeability: Class 4

· Sealing: 9A

· Wind load: C5 / B5

· Finishes: TopAlu / Decorative Foil / AutomotiveFinish


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PVC Practicable Window - Alu Inside

PVC Practicable Window - Alu Inside

PVC Practicable Window - Alu Inside