Aluminum Practicable window - AWS 120 CC.SI

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Aluminum Practicable window - AWS 120 CC.SI

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It offers certified thermal insulation as passive house and a solar protection for any climate. With slats stacked barely visible when the blind is raised and without light penetration by the sides when lowered.

The integration of solar protection in fixed lights with inspection sheets is the most efficient solution. This construction only allows maintenance and cleaning by opening the inspection sheet, which is normally closed.

With this economic variant of fixed lighting, the installation benefits of integrated sun protection are maintained, as well as the high values ​​of soundproofing.


· Innovative concept of insulation with Uf values ​​from 0.85 W / (m2 · K).

· Installation of Venetian blind of Schüco, without thermal transition.

· Blind guide blind: does not penetrate the light from the side.

· Anti-theft resistance up to RC 3.

· Double central board and multiple panel principle: increased soundproofing up to 53 dB, fixed light with inspection sheet up to 56 dB.

· Space between panels with controlled ventilation: reduced condensation improved.

· New: a fixed blade with inspection sheet enables the sun protection to be integrated for the first time.

Technical information:

· System / Material: Aluminum

· Power: Passivhaus level

· Design: Composite

· Functions: Increased soundproofing

· Basic Depth: 120 mm

· Minimum face width: 117 mm

· Uf value (> =): 0.85

· Maximum glass width: 50 mm

· Type of opening: Interior

· Soundproofing Test [dB]: 53

· Air permeability: Class 4

· Sealing: 9A

· Wind load: C5 / B5

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colours


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Aluminum Practicable window - AWS 120 CC.SI

Aluminum Practicable window - AWS 120 CC.SI

Aluminum Practicable window - AWS 120 CC.SI