Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 112 IC

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Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 112 IC

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It was the first window of aluminum worldwide with a narrow face width of 120 mm that meets the demanding criteria for Passivhaus certification and whose profile surfaces can also be coated after lamination. It combines three substantial benefits in one system: the well-known advantages of aluminum windows, excellent thermal insulation and narrow profiles for maximum transparency, so desired by architects.


· Uf value = 0.8 W / m²K with 120 mm face width: an excellent thermal insulation for aluminum windows, according to the passive house certification standard.

· Value Uw = 0.75 W / m²K in the entire aluminum window: a triple glazing with a Ug value of 0.6 W / m²K and a plastic separator can be achieved.

· Coating of the insulated profile with fixing and without breaking of thermal bridge for an optimized thermal insulation.

· Certified anti-theft resistance up to RC 3.

Technical information:

· Power: Passivhaus level

· Standard design

· Functions: Increased security

· Basic Depth: 112 mm

· Minimum face width: 120 mm

· Uf value (> =): 0.72

· Maximum glass width: 56 mm

· Type of opening: Interior

· Soundproofing Test [dB]: 47

· Air permeability: Class 4

· Sealing: 9A

· Wind load: C5 / B5

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colors


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Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 112 IC

Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 112 IC

Aluminum Practicable Window - AWS 112 IC