Aluminum Workable Window - Unicity

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Aluminum Workable Window - Unicity

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The Unicity profile aims to offer a frontal view from the outside as it is from the inside, that is to say a size of 55 mm (which allows a greater entrance of natural light) and allows the realization of large openings respecting the architectural features Of the windows of the old buildings.


· For practicable and swing-up windows, the maximum weight of the blade is 140 kg, for a maximum measurement of approximately 2500 x 1000 mm.

· It uses square handle of 7 (with and without key) and the handling of the closures is realized with a unidirectional buried cremona hidden in the leaf.

· It offers the possibility of closing of 4 or 6 points.

· Regarding the glazing:

    > With Thermal Bridge Break: from 24 to 38 mm.

    > Without Thermal Bridge Break: from 28 to 42 mm.

    > Fixed: from 20 to 42 mm.

· The glazing is made by EPDM joints with marine output.

Technical information:

· The RPT is made by two 34 mm polyamide bars, flush to prevent water seepage.

· Thermal insulation: Uh = 1,10 W / (m²K) for a 1-sheet balcony, L: 1250 mm x H: 2180 mm with triple glazing of Ug = 0,6.

· Acoustic insulation: It is able to reduce up to 40 dB noise from outside, thanks to its double glazing.


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Aluminum Workable Window - Unicity

Aluminum Workable Window - Unicity

Aluminum Workable Window - Unicity