Aluminum sliding window - ASS 70.HI

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Aluminum sliding window - ASS 70.HI

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Based on double and triple rail exterior frames, this model creates large opening widths with the best comfort for the user: perfect for use as a high-quality non-residential and residential residential project solution.


· Thermal insulation: Values ​​Uw <1.3 W / (m²K), depending on the design.

· Sheet weight up to 300 kg, and up to 400 kg for a special design.

· Sheet sizes up to a maximum of 9 m²: high transparency and maximum light penetration.

· Alternative equipment: the fully concealed Schüco e-slide control system opens, closes and locks even sliding-lift units from floor to ceiling.

· Excellent drainage system with watertightness up to 1050 Pa

Technical information:

· System / Material: Aluminum

· Energy: High thermal insulation

· Type of opening: Sliding window

· Uf value (> =): 2.00.

· Width: 3000 mm.

· Height: 3000 mm.

· Weight of the blade: 400 Kg.

· Anti-theft test: RC2

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colors

· Ideal for: Window / Door / Greenhouse


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Aluminum sliding window - ASS 70.HI

Aluminum sliding window - ASS 70.HI

Aluminum sliding window - ASS 70.HI