Aluminum sliding window - Soleal GY

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Aluminum sliding window - Soleal GY

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This slide is diversified in multiple applications from 2 to 4 rails, between 1 and 3 sheets, composite and corner. All these applications are available with concealed drainage and with or without PMR profile (people with reduced mobility). The slide is based on a 55 mm module with a 20 mm thermal bridge break. It is conceived on a module of 65 mm with a break of thermal bridge of 40 mm and very thin aluminum masses.

Two different lines can be distinguished: Soleal 55 and Soleal 65. The first one offers fine and discrete lines that contribute to the obtaining of a privileged natural light (visible masses reduced of 103 mm in the frame, 33 mm in the central studs and 136 mm In the closing of 4 leaves). The second one offers greater marked fineness in the lateral uprights, with only 88 mm of visible mass (33 mm in central studs and 136 mm in 4-leaf closure).


· It uses reinforcement profiles of minimalist aesthetics as it offers the possibility of decorating this reinforcement with a decorative profile in anodized stainless polished finish.

· The corner slider offers a slim and elegant appearance thanks to the reduced mass of the angle of 120 x 120 mm that allows the realization of large dimensions.

· Multiple combinations of closures from 1 to 4 locking points with or without key lock.

· The model 55 offers a second range, the Galandage, which allows applications of 1, 2 and 4 sheets on the basis of 2 rails, as well as make 3 sheets on 3 rails, if necessary.

· It has dimensions of up to 4300 mm x 2600 mm with high inertia uprights in frame of 2 sheets with a maximum weight of 200 kg per sheet.

Technical information:

· For the Soleal 55 model:

  > Sealing performance: 1.65 m ^ 3 / (h * m²) with leaks at 100 Pascals, using a frame of H: 3000 mm x L: 2500 mm.

  > Thermal performance: Uw up to 1.40 W / (m²K); Sw of 0.45; TLw of 0.59; Values ​​obtained with a glazing of 1.00 W / (m²K) and insulation interlayer of 4300 mm x 2600 mm.

· For the Soleal 65 model:

 > Thermal performance: Uw = 1.40 W / (m²K); Sw = 0.47; PLw ​​= 0.60; Heat obtained with a glazing of 1.00 W / (m²K) with insulation interlayer of 2300 mm x 2180 mm.


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Aluminum sliding window - Soleal GY

Aluminum sliding window - Soleal GY

Aluminum sliding window - Soleal GY