Aluminum sliding window - Lumeal

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Aluminum sliding window - Lumeal

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It is a model of slider that, with a module of 100 mm, offers a minimalist line with a slenderness that provides an increase of light of between 8 and 14%, according to the application. Lumeal allows to realize different types of opening, combining fixed and mobile part reinforced by a very thin central profile. It does not contain any overlapping profile or hidden drainage.


· The hidden blade principle allows only the frame to remain visible in the front view with 68 mm (front with a traditional slider that would make 150 mm) allowing a light input of + 8%.

· There is a wide range of designer handles to customize the slide.

· Aluminum mass (-35%) is reduced considerably using only 68 mm (center) and 77 mm (side) of visible aluminum.

· The profile of the floor recessed or with ramp profile, PRM (people with reduced mobility).

· Possible motorization to facilitate the opening and closing of large or very heavy elements (optional).

· Multiple closing options, which include 2 and 3-point seals.

· Maximum measures H: 2700 mm x L: 4500 mm. The maximum weight of the blade is 300 kg with openings equipped with triple stainless steel bearings.

Technical information:

· Thermal performance: Uw = 1.20 W / (m²K) and Sw = 0.45. Using double glazing with Ug = 1.00 W / (m²K) + insulation interlayer, for H-sliders: 2700 mm x L: 4500 mm.

· Air permeability: 0,52 m ^ 3 / h / m² (1 sheet + fixed) with H: 2500 mm x L: 3000 mm.

· Acoustic performances: (Ra, Tr) = 35 dB, with balconera of H: 2200 mm x L: 2800 mm.


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Aluminum sliding window - Lumeal

Aluminum sliding window - Lumeal

Aluminum sliding window - Lumeal