Aluminum sliding window - Artyal

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Aluminum sliding window - Artyal

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It allows to smoothly move glazed panels up to 1200 kg per sheet, besides maintaining a thermal conductivity below 1 W / (m²K), to assure the mechanical resistance against the wind pressure and to disguise the profiles of a recessed frame.


· The dimensions H x L depend on the proportion and dynamic pressure / suction of the wind. It is advisable not to exceed the 2.5 '/ 1 ratio for the blade to be handled easily.

· The system has high inertia profiles for heights greater than 3 meters.

· The maximum weight per sheet is 1200 kg. Each sheet carries two double tandems of stainless steel bearings.

· There is a tandem up to 500 kg and another one between 500 and 1200 kg.

· The vertical uprights at the crossing of the leaves are 38 or 26 mm of aluminum.

· The vertical uprights are 30 mm (from the front view).

· Optional motorization (recommended for weights of more than 500 kg per sheet).

Technical information:

· Thermal performance: Uw <1.0 W / (m²K) for sliders of H 3000 x L 2800 mm.

· Air permeability: EN 12207 Class 4.

· Watertightness: EN 12208 E9.

· Wind resistance: EN 12210 Class 4C.

· Acoustic performances: Rw (C, Ctr) = 37 (-1; -1) dB for H 3950 x L 2400 mm.

· Safety: Mechanical test EN 13155 Class 1 (Maneuver) and Class 4 (Impact).

· Thermal transmittance equal to or less than 1.0 W / (m²K).


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Aluminum sliding window - Artyal

Aluminum sliding window - Artyal

Aluminum sliding window - Artyal