Aluminum door - ADS 90.SI

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Aluminum door - ADS 90.SI

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System for doors optimized in terms of energy efficiency and thermal insulation since they are a current trend for new work and renovation projects of residential and non-residential buildings. An extended insulation zone, a central joint and a special galce achieve unbeatable properties, such as resistance to torrential rains of class 7A with 750 Pa and Uf values ​​of 1.4 W / m²K. With the appropriate glazing tripe or a total coating panel, extraordinary Ud values ​​above 1.0 W / m²K can be achieved.


· Watertightness increased to 300 Pa according to DIN EN 12208 due to the use of a continuous central seal.

· Excellent thermal insulation (Uf value = 1.4 W / m²K and value Ud <1.0 W / m²K) thanks to the extended insulation zone with insulated boards with foam filling and galce insulation.

· Weights of up to 160 kg can be supported.

· Door hinges integrated into the door can be used, concealed or cylindrical.

Technical information:

· System / Material: Aluminum.

· Energy: High thermal insulation.

· Design: Soft Line.

· Functions: No barriers / Increased security.

· Basic depth: 90 mm.

· Uf value (> =): 1.40.

· Height: 2500 mm.

· Width: 1400 mm.

· Type of opening: Interior and exterior.

· Use: Public buildings / Side entrance.

· Air permeability: Class 2.

· Sealing: Class 9A.

· Wind load: Class 4.

· Anti-theft: Up to RC3.

· Finishes: Spray / Anodized / Lacquered / Duraflon / Colors.


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Aluminum door - ADS 90.SI

Aluminum door - ADS 90.SI

Aluminum door - ADS 90.SI