• Transport

    It offers a fast and specialized service to the entire province of Barcelona and its outskirts. For more information on shopping and installation times, it will be necessary to contact the company.

  • Customer Support

    To contact us you can call the 932 19 93 62 or 934 57 81 02 landlines or maybe the 620 37 04 05, 696 94 05 05 mobile lines. You can also contact by sending an e-mail to catalpur@gmail.com or to info@catal-pur.com and we will answer you as far as possible.

  • Payment methods

    Contact the company for a custom quote. All payment methods are accepted (bank card, check, cash, Paypal, mobile apps...).

History of the company

Workshop on the fabrication of metal structures MUR and CERA C. de B., since 1974, when the founders, Manuel Mur and Antonio H. Cera, began their journey as a workshop to manufacture metal structures in the district Of Gracia, Barcelona.

In 1990, with the addition of its first generation, CATAL-pur S.L. expanded its facilities in the town of Sentmenat where, with new ambitions, the range of products related to the rehabilitation and construction was amplified, specializing in carpentry with adequate services to each client.

Nowadays CATAL-pur has again centralized its facilities in the district of Gracia, Barcelona.

QUALITY is our philosophy, EXPERIENCE is our support.

Products with CE marking, European Conformity.